How to Crack AIPMT? – Some Tips

tips-tricks1_350_040214022219Here are some tips for Cracking the prestigious medical entrance exams (including AIPMT/PMT Punjab) –

1. Give due importance to BIOLOGY as it contributes 50 % of questions. 90 questions out of 180 (or 100 out of 200) are from Biology.

2. Follow NCERT Biology strictly. You can use other books including Truman’s Elementary Biology, Pradeep’s Biology Text Book and MTG books for details, diagrams & questions. But NCERT should remain at the core.

3. Follow NCERT for Physics & Chemistry also but not that strictly as that for Biology.

4.  Remain focused and confident. Stick to your goal. At least 6 hrs of self study daily is necessary.

5. Attempt BIOLOGY portion of the paper first. It should be completed in 60 minutes (or even earlier).

6. Then attempt Chemistry for next 60 minutes (or less).

7. Attempt Physics in the end leaving you with maximum time needed for this portion.

8. Mark the answers in the answer sheet very carefully (at appropriate number).

9. Minimize negative marking by not attempting the questions you don’t know about.

10. Join a good coaching / tuition for all three subjects from the best teachers in your city. There is no replacement for a good teacher. You need a teacher who can introduce you to the new topics, clear your doubts, help you stay confident.

11. Repetition is the key to success.  Repeat the topics as many times as you can.

12. Join some online test series for PMTs from the leading names like Bansal Kota..


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